News: IP Australia has joined TMview

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Key takeways

  • IP Australia has joined TMview, which means that Australia’s trade mark data is now available on the TMview tool.
  • TMview is an online trade mark search tool which, with the addition of Australia’s trade marks, allows users to perform searches for trade marks from 74 participating IP offices around the world.


TMview is an initiative of the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).  It is an online tool that allows users to perform word and image searches for trade marks from participating IP offices around the word.  Since its launch in 2010, TMView has served more than 70 million searches from 169 different countries.[1]

The integration of IP Australia’s data is a result of the International Cooperation programme, which is managed by the EUIPO in collaboration with its international partners.

With IP Australia joining TMview in April 2020, the tool now contains data from 74 participating IP offices.  The addition of Australia’s more than 1.6 million trade marks means that TMview now provides free information and access to more than 59 million trade mark applications and registrations from around the world in 22 different languages.[2]

TMview is a quick and useful way for trade mark applicants and owners to find out what marks are being registered and used around the world.  Although it has broad coverage, it is important to be aware that the tool does not cover all countries.

You can undertake a search on TMview at

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By Claire Ramsay

5 May 2020

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